Finding God in our Daily Lives


I am excited to start on a new journey … sharing my thoughts on the struggles we encounter daily as women of faith. My blog will focus on reminding us of all that God has provided to us if we only make an effort to live according to these riches being offered. His goodness, our choice. What woman does not feel life’s chaos, busyness, tugs at doing what we know is right but succumbing to life’s demands, etc., etc., etc.

Hopefully this blog will provide inspiration and be a reminder during our daily lives to find God and the peace that is ours if we only remember to “be still.” Also that you will reflect on the various discussions and how this may apply in your life. My prayer is this would inspire, encourage and cause changes in your life that will bring you God’s perfect peace.

Looking forward to our journey together!

A Light Shining in the Darkness

Have you ever noticed the signs God puts in your path? Perhaps you have, but after thinking about them briefly you move on without further reflection. This happened to me recently, and I was encouraged, as well as inspired, by what God showed me the following day when...

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Imperfect…Yet Perfect by Design

  I never cease to be inspired and encouraged by how God reveals Himself on mission trips and how God is present in our daily life. Many of us don’t have the mindset to be searching for Him in everyday life. Do you find yourself taking the time to feel his...

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Patience in Waiting…

  God has a plan. Pray for direction to follow it. Pray for the patience to wait on it. Pray for the wisdom and understanding to know when it comes. Everything about this world is constant. One could say we live in an instant, especially since cell phones,...

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God can Rock your world!

  A few weeks after my “Ah-ha” moment God rocked my world! I was attending a friend’s birthday luncheon in downtown Minneapolis when the first heavy snowfall of the season hit Minnesota.  When then the first snowfall hits, many drivers forget how to drive in the...

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I Hear You God

           Have you heard God talking to you lately? Our world is so fast paced and so many people appear to be crazy busy! Distractions are everywhere. This busyness takes us away from the peace and joy that is ours to have and instead dumps us into chaos, which can...

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