About Us


Sonshine Candles was born when founder Tina Gabos’ love of beautiful scented candles merged with her passion to spread God’s word and love in this world. “These candles are on a mission to shine God’s light into our world by planting seeds through His word and secondly, to share God’s love through the world by empowering others to be God’s hands and feet,” she states.  Inspired by a testimonial of a Malaysian woman she realized how God’s words can spark a flame. The story was this woman as a young child went to a classmate’s birthday party. This classmate happened to be Christian and her children’s Bible was left out.  After seeing the bible, questions surfaced and her curiosity began to grow and eventually she chose to become a Christian.  One never knows when someone will read God’s word and the word may take root and grow.


God’s word became the inspiration around the candle.  Initially Tina chose scripture referencing “God’s light” and had them printed on the vessel.  She chose a vessel painted in a crackle finish which when lit reminds her of stained glass, though without the color.  The finish also reminds her while we are all cracked vessels we are still able to shine God’s light out into this world. He has restored us, so that we may emit His radiant light unto others.


These candles can also can serve as a fundraising mechanism enabling people to earn approximately 50% of the profits, which can go to whatever mission or outreach is being lifted up, thereby helping others to share God’s love by serving others.


In addition to equipping others to be God’s hands and feet out in the world, 50% of Sonshine Candles online candle sales will be divided between 3 chosen organizations which will change each year.  One will be devoted to helping feed the hungry, one to helping share and spread God’s word (the gospel) , and lastly those helping make a difference in the world by giving those in need a chance for a better life. If anyone has suggestions for future year organizations to be given consideration please email us at tgabos@sonshinecandles.com.