Sonshine Candles provides a simple and efficient framework for Christian fundraising goals featuring unique and high quality candle products that ensure satisfaction and value with every order. Through the fundraising efforts, Sonshine Candles is able to accomplish their twofold mission to shine God’s light into our world by planting seeds through His word and secondly to share God’s love through the world by empowering others to be God’s hands and feet.

Sonshine Candles are elegant candles designed to spread the light of God’s love. The candles are accompanied by a carefully selected scripture verse that when in the home reminds us of God’s light and love thereby sowing seeds. Approximately 50% of the profit generated will fund the Church, School, organization or individual’s mission or outreach which is being lifted up.



  Sonshine Candles provides your school the opportunity to earn approximately 50% of the proceeds for your fundraising goals.
   The seller can easily email the information to friends and family or for those selling directly order forms are provided.
  Supporters access Sonshine Candles website where they buy online giving direct credit to your church, school, organization or individuals.
  Customer direct shipping and/or Partner distribution is available.
   After the initial fundraising period any ongoing sales will continue to be credited to your church, school, or organization.
Please contact Sonshine Candles to discuss setting up a fundraiser.
You will be provided with set up instructions and codes for online ordering. Please contact us at Or phone us at 612-930-3331.