Have you ever noticed the signs God puts in your path? Perhaps you have, but after thinking about them briefly you move on without further reflection. This happened to me recently, and I was encouraged, as well as inspired, by what God showed me the following day when I spent time with him… What a precious gift this was!!!



On a day filled with tears and laughter as we scattered my father’s ashes, God provided us with joy, peace, and comfort in a remarkable way!!!

It was a beautiful Indian summer day in late October. My three sisters and our families all came together to remember our dad. We spent the weekend celebrating his life as we scattered his ashes at three locations.  As we began to leave the first location my niece took a picture of the view behind us. Less than a minute later upon review of her photo she showed us the picture which had a prominent rainbow in sky. Immediately, we all looked back into the clear blue sky and there was no rainbow, nor had she seen it when she was taking the picture! This brought joy to me as I chose to think of this as God reminding us of his promise of eternal life.


The next location was quite a bit windier, so we didn’t spend as long there. We went to the final place, where colorful autumn leaves wrapped us, sheltering us from the wind. Just as I was about to scatter ashes, a huge bald eagle soared overhead, getting the attention of all the others. I looked up to see what everyone was excited about, and I was amazed! We took a moment before we carried on. The memorial for my dad was absolutely perfect! Beautiful weather, although a bit windy, but seemingly perfect!


The next morning, I woke up early and began with my morning devotion. As I pondered scripture, I was reminded of my niece’s photo. I knew the rainbow is a Biblical symbol for God’s promise to never wipe out flesh with a flood again, however I was curious if there were any other significant Biblical meanings. Well it turns out that the rainbow is also a symbol of Christ’s salvation! Tears rolled down my cheeks as I realized God gave us this rainbow as a sign, reminding us who we belong to and that we are saved! It was comforting to be reminded that my dad was with the one whom we all belong to! I was overcome with God’s incredible peace in my heart!

After reading about the rainbow, my curiosity grew to know if the eagle has any Biblical symbolic significance, and indeed it does. The eagle represents God. As I read this again, I began to cry because I knew God was trying to comfort us during this difficult, sad time. God was showing us his love all day long…we need only look and seek, and there we will find him! 

I then watched the video of the scattering. My attention was struck by the flags on our boat which were fiercely wavering in the wind. This reminded me of the creation story in Genesis, where the Holy Spirit is there, hovering over the water. Yup… I began to cry… again! I realized through these various signs that the Holy Spirit, Christ, and God, were all present with us. God so lovingly displayed these signs to provide us with his perfect peace!

So, where in your life do you find God speaking to you? What signs might he be placing in your path?  My hope and prayer is you will have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that is open to receiving what God so lovingly puts before you.   


Stay blessed my friends,

Tina Gabos

Founder of Sonshine Candles