I never cease to be inspired and encouraged by how God reveals Himself on mission trips and how God is present in our daily life. Many of us don’t have the mindset to be searching for Him in everyday life. Do you find yourself taking the time to feel his blessings in your life?

On one mission trip to San Fransisco with our High School youth, we had the privilege to volunteer at the St. Marin’s Food Bank. Prior to being shown what we would be doing for the day, we were given a brief tour and description of what the facility takes in and to whom or where the food is dispersed to.

While being shown the produce section, where vast amounts of produce is stored, the gentlemen showed us an orange and said that the reason this orange was here is that it is not “aesthetically” pleasing to look at and would never be sold in a grocery store. He assured us the inside was every bit as good as a “pretty” orange.  

As we bagged a semi-truck load of corn into smaller bags, I pondered the food before us.   Had God made all the oranges, corn, or any of the produce in this facility, to be “perfect,” then  the farmers would not donate them to this bank. The organization feeds countless people in need. To the farmer this food was not sellable.

How perfect is God’s plan to allow some food to be every bit as nutritious and good to eat yet not outwardly because perhaps few would help feed the poor? This would mean giving up potential income.  I see this as God’s perfect design! He knows our human nature so well… and so He helps us by making some things imperfect and they become a blessing to those in need.

I encourage you in your daily life to spot God’s amazing design, plan and love for you, His children. Praying God reveals himself to each and everyone of you daily!

Stay blessed my friends.

Tina Gabos

Founder of Sonshine Candles