God has a plan. Pray for direction to follow it. Pray for the patience to wait on it. Pray for the wisdom and understanding to know when it comes.

Everything about this world is constant. One could say we live in an instant, especially since cell phones, internet and advances in technology have developed. It is no wonder why that though we may pray for direction from God, we take action with our own list of things to do and then speed up the process. In our impatience we are following what we think should happen and not allowing and listening for what God’s plan is for us. Like the picture above, many of us at times are running aimlessly through fog with no real direction. Or better yet, how many of you have prayed for God’s direction and definitely feel a direction placed on your heart, only to dismiss it because surely this is not what he meant!  We then take off on a journey of our own making missing out on what God had in store for us!

As I pondered Sonshine Candles, I definitely doubted whether this was really God’s plan. My educational background is not in candle making, or sales and marketing, but rather in law and being a mother of four.  Time and time again when I questioned what I was I doing, God would put before me scripture verses in my devotion for the day which inspired and encouraging me to continue.  I would receive calls from people who had received a candle as a sympathy gift and wanted to purchase them for someone else, which was so encouraging and uplifting. I didn’t even have a website active yet. I began recognizing it every time.  God was letting me know this was the path and the direction that I am to go. Clearly each time I questioned what I was doing, he was saying, “I thought we have been over this a thousand times, but okay… here we go again.”  God’s patience is something to be grateful for and it’s also a Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22)… a gift for us if we call upon it.



I did cling to Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous,” a verse God had given me numerous times on this journey. I truly needed this verse because what I was embarking on was way outside my comfort zone. I love growing and sharing in my faith and love of Christ with others, especially Christian women, but the business side is paralyzing for me. I am always amazed at how God pulls me through it though. He has surrounded me with people who support and encourage me.  He plants believers in my life. God is so Good!

Do you find it hard to wait? Do you find it difficult to follow God’s direction?  My prayer for you is this… As you pray for a direction to follow, you would have the patience to wait on it and the wisdom and knowledge to know when it comes.  Type “yes” if you can relate!

Stay blessed my friends.

Tina Gabos

Founder of Sonshine Candles