Have you heard God talking to you lately? Our world is so fast paced and so many people appear to be crazy busy! Distractions are everywhere. This busyness takes us away from the peace and joy that is ours to have and instead dumps us into chaos, which can at times, seems overwhelming. It is no surprise that many people aren’t hearing or seeing God in their daily lives.

I learned to intentionally make it a priority to listen and see God in my daily life and you can to. What a blessing of encouragement and true peace this brings me each day! Think of moments in your life that God has shown up. I want to encourage you to start your mornings focusing your thoughts on him and look for signs of him throughout your days.

I was raised Christian in a family full of pastors. I have always been a believer in Jesus Christ and have been attending church all my life. I’ve served in the church as a Sunday School teacher and even a confirmation mentor. It wasn’t until I took a bible study at my church that I started really noticing my world being rocked by God in an amazing ways! My “Ah ha” moment came to me during a busy time in my life when I wasn’t expecting it.

The study was on the book of James, which is all of 5 Chapters long. At age 40 and having 4 children in hockey at the time, I had only made it to the first and last of the series…the busyness of life! On the first day, I was paired with a lady 15 years my senior who was so easy to talk to and we became fast friends. We talked about prayer and while prayer was not new to me her comment that prayer was merely “talking to God” gave me pause. She encouraged me to pray/talk to God throughout my day as I would a friend.

Think about how often you talk to God. Praying is much easier than you think. Don’t overthink it. I kept questioning “How do you really hear God talking to you?” I recall giggling to myself and asking the woman I was paired with if she heard God talk to her. She looked at me and said, “all the time.” Huh…again I was a bit bewildered.

I came to learn God talks to you in various ways such as through your own words when you are writing. He talks to you through other people or in the beauty of a sunset. God even talks to you through music. You need only to stop and listen for God and you will hear him. He wants us to find Him!!!

It is amazing what God reveals daily to all who call upon him and seek them with their whole heart, strength and mind!! My prayer for you is that God would shower you with this revelation too. How have you heard God talking to you? If you have, type Amen or share your story!